Frequently Asked Questions

Happy, healthy children and families are my passion. I love working with women because when mothers are happy, energized and strong they can nourish and guide their families from a place of joy, not only nutritionally but emotionally and spiritually as well. The benefits trickle down to all members of the family.

FAQ #1. Do you work with men too? I’d like to bring my husband…
Many clients ask this, and the answer is Yes. I require that they come along with their husband.
In my experience, it works best this way, as the spouse oftentimes knows a lot (and shares more) about their husband’s health history and symptoms and they can encourage and support dietary changes, goals to exercise, go to sleep earlier, etc… It’s important that the husband wants to do this.

FAQ #2. What about Teenagers? Can you work with my son/daughter?
Yes, I do. Again, you must accompany your teenager, even though I’d be talking to and with them. I find that when adolescents understand the role of their food choices in how they feel, they often tend to make better choices for themselves. Good dietary and lifestyle habits are great skills that we can teach our children.
I love to work with motivated adolescents (keyword motivated; they must want to do this), they respond beautifully and quickly.

FAQ #3. Is this expensive? Are your services covered by insurance?
Fees are reasonable, you can purchase the basic package or pay as you go. My basic service is 3 meetings with the blood lab work analysis included. I put a lot of hours outside our meetings to come up with the best plan of action for you to achieve your health goals and get your body nutritionally balanced and support any conditions, concerns and diagnosis that you may have as best as possible.  

My services are not covered by insurance, yet it’s a small investment for supporting your health which is the foundation of everything you get to do.                                       

Additional Information

Please note this is a team effort — I’ll give you the tools and education you need and you will be providing me with observations and following through with the recommendations. Understanding the impact food and lifestyle have in your health,  will  inspire you to make better choices.  It is not difficult, anyone can do it. This is an investment in your health, one that will have positive benefits throughout your life, as well as on your family and loved ones.

If this resonates with you—  you are barely eating and still not loosing weight, you are tired of being tired, or  you are confused by the wealth of information on the internet;  maybe you have a medical diagnosis and want to do everything you can to support your health, perhaps you feel like you are aging too fast, or you  want to take a pro-active role in your health. If so, please fill out this form and send me an email with your questions/comments and we can schedule a complementary 10-15 minute conversation. There is hope!

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